Live Beautifully Entry #2

Live Beautifully Entry #2

The story I chose from Rue magazine is called Live Beautifully: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. This story features co-founders of their own home furnishing company, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, who discuss the ins and outs of their professional and personal lives.

The lead is simple, yet intriguing. Within the first couple of sentences Gold and Williams are introduced with a bit of background about who they are and what they do. The lead ends by explaining that these men produce beautiful pieces of furniture with their authentic American spirit and their exceptional enthusiasm for equality.

The structure of the article is easy to read and captivating. The format is question and answer, making the article very straightforward. The article does include any links. This story is one of the main features in the issue, as it utilizes three full pages of just text.

The story does not make much use of its digital format. There are no links or interactive features. This magazine could easily be in print format because it is strictly full of pictures and text.

Overall, this story is extremely informative and interesting. The text is clear, concise, and organized. The colors in the titles and subtitles are fairly muted so that they match the photographs. The photographs are clear and contrast nicely against the white background.