Social Media Strategies Entry #3

Social Media Strategies Entry #3

Rue magazine utilities many social media tools. The first social media site Rue magazine recognizes on its website is Twitter. Throughout its twitter account @RueMagazine post photos and links to articles from recent issues. The twitter account also uses tags to showcase other accounts that transform everyday living. For example, there are photos from @fermLIVING account that highlight bedroom accessories.

The Rue magazine Twitter account also links to the magazines Instagram, which is also titled @RueMagazine. The account has over 266,000 followers and receives 2,000-3,000 likes per picture. The Instagram account publishes multiple pictures per day. The pictures include living arrangements, decor ideas, and a variety of pictures from the magazines current issue.

Another social media tool the Rue magazine uses is Pinterest. Throughout the magazines Pinterest, there are different folders or boards for each room in the house. For example there are boards specifically for dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. The Pinterest showcases inspiration photos as well as photos from the current and previous magazine issues.

The last social media tool Rue magazine utilizes is Facebook. The magazines Facebook page has over 567,000 likes. Throughout the page there are videos, photos, and links to articles and other social media sites that the magazine uses. The Facebook page appears to be the social media site that is most used by the magazine.