Definition of a Magazine Entry #1

Definition of a Magazine Entry #1

Rue Magazine is an online publication made to assist readers on their “pathway to stylish living.” Rue is a digital interior design magazine dedicated to empowering consumer’s everyday lives.

According to “the Magazine from Cover to Cover,” it is difficult to develop a definition for the word magazine. Due to this, the definition is uncovered by comparing magazines to other forms of media. Some of the factors that classify a magazine include more in-depth coverage, specialized content and audience, a combination of opinion, interpretation, and advocacy, and consistency.

Rue meets the textbook’s definition of a magazine because it includes all of the components previously listed. Rue has in-depth coverage of popular trends, specialized content, as it is a magazine dedicated to interior design, a combination of multiple features and pieces, and consistency, as it is published monthly.

The magazine also includes multi-source stores. In February, the most recent issue of the magazine, there is an article with Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. Gold and Williams are the co-founders of an enormously large home furnishing company that has over 1,000 employees.

Throughout the article Gold and Williams answer a variety of professional questions, as well as a few personal ones. Rue also includes articles featuring interior designers and a variety of impressively decorated houses and offices.