Advertising in Rue Magazine Entry #7

Advertising in Rue Magazine Entry #7

Rue magazine does advertise like traditional print magazines. Rue only had about four advertisements in the entire issue. The ads were for companies that were relevant to the magazine’s brand. For example, one of the ads was for, which is a rug producer that certifies rugs as child-labor free. Unlike traditional magazine advertisements, Rue’s ads are interactive. Since the magazine is digital, reader’s can click the ads to be directed to that site.

The magazine’s revenue comes from the advertisers that are in the online magazine and Rue magazine’s website. The ads represent different tools or businesses that could to assist interior designers or be used in a remodel. The magazine has both editorials that advertise products and straight advertisements. For example, there is a feature in the current issue called “Editors Pick”, where the editors of Rue showcase products that they like to work with. However, there are also straightforward advertisements like the one previously mentioned. All of the ads adhere to the magazine’s credibility, as Rue’s mission is to inspire readers and target consumers who want to live the most beautiful version of their lives.


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